SphaxZGaming FAQ

Q. When are your videos gonna be longer?
A. in Dec 25 (Christmas) I be using Handbrake to upload the videos to 2 hours-2 minutes so yeah, it will be in the feature

Q2. Are you able to get your audio good enough?
A2. Yes, I will be using fraps to a good audio 🙂

Q3. How long does your Gaming videos uploads took?
A3. it took me 3h – 59m

Q4. Where are you and when were you born?
A4. I am in the United States and i born in Germany 2006 July 1st

Q5. When did you first upload a video?
A5. in September 19 2013, But then the first video was removed, then placed on 2016 May 5 to become my First video

Q6. When do you do facecam?
A6. When I know how to! I use New Movie Recorder to pretend thats my facecam

Q7. What do you use to record
A7. I use Screen Recorder



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